Museum Erfgoed Zele

Fancy a cool weekend-activity?

Then drive down to Zele, to Museum Erfgoed Zele, where our friend and shell-colleague Wilfried De Bock exhibits his collection.

Further information can be found in our calendar, or on

Don’t forget to check the Museum’s practical info BEFORE you leave as it is only accessible on certain Saturdays during the month. (also see

31ste International Shell Show – COVID update

31ste International Shell Show – COVID update

Last year we had to foresee quite a few measures, yet under the current regulations, wearing a mask is NO LONGER MANDATORY.

You CAN wear a mask should you wish to do so. That is perfectly ok, yet there is no obligation anymore to do so.

From the organisation, we’ll foresee hand gel for those wishing to use it, yet there too, no obligations are in force anymore.

Our advise? Just use common sense, be yourself, and most importantly enjoy the nice shells !

See you soon !

Monthly meeting April 2022

Monthly meeting April 2022

Dear members,

This Sunday we’ll have our next monthly meeting at the SAC. Roland Scaillet and Christiane Delongueville will take us on a trip to the Barentsz Sea: Guaranteed it will be again a very interesting and breathtaking presentation !

Hopefully untill Sunday!

Monthly meeting March 2022

Monthly meeting 14 March 2022

A new monthly meeting awaits us this Sunday. A first since exactly 2 years: first time without corona regulations!

Obviously, everyone is free to wear a mouth mask, yet it is no longer mandatory. We all are wise enough to make the choices which make us feel comfortable and which we respect from each other.

We hope to see you all again at the SAC.

The program for Sunday is the presentation of a digital collection management system of and by Edgard Van der Vloet.

See you on Sunday !

Upgrade members zone

Capacity Members Zone Upgrade

At last! We have finally been able to upgrade the storage capacity of our members zone on our website, with already a nice addition as a consequence.

Did you know that, prior to 1986, there were ALSO nice articles published (limited) by our members? Well … these articles – and a handy index in excel – are now also available in our members zone so that you can all go and browse … purple in Muricidae, preparation of chitons … you name it!.


Shell counting day

Shell counting day 19 March 2022

Saturday 19 March 2022 is THAT day again. Already for the fifth time, you can gather shells on the “Grote Schelpenteldag”., admire them, and try to figure out the story behind your find.

At the same time, you help science a little bit.. In each of the ten coastal towns, shell savvy people will help you at the counting posts between 10h and 16h with the collecting and identification of your one hundred shells.

And if hundreds of enthousiasts do so, we can all learn a lot again about these fantastic sea creatures. Experienced or not,, everyone can become a (sea)scientist for a day!

Further information and subscription to the news letter can be found on or Grote Schelpenteldag 2022 | Vlaams Instituut voor de Zee (

Monthly meeting 13 February 2022

Monthly meeting 13 February

Our next meeting will again be a meeting in real life! We are looking forward to welcoming you at the SAC (Linkeroever, Antwerp) on Sunday 13 February.

Goran Vertriest will present the third part of his overview of Strombidae, including a big surprise in this popular family.

Hope to see you all then!!

New Gloria Maris

The new Gloria Maris (vol. 60(4)) has arrived !

There he is, there he is ! … Rik Desadeleer once said … well … here he is … the 4th issue of Gloria Maris of 2021 (volume 60) is a fact, and is once again filled with nice and valuable articles.

Would you also like to publish something? Something for the second part, maybe (Life of the Society)? Don’t hesitate to send it to one of the Board members!

Meanwhile our online database with the content of Gloria Maris from 1986 untill today has been updated and uploaded – with a big Thank You to Christel Segers for the fast action !